„Shades of Shadows“

A discovery tour into the world of shadows

For everyone from the age of 4

german / french

„Let us discover the World of Shadows!“
A Trip through an enchanted City leads us to a very special chamber. Three white Canvases are creating a room and space for projections. Inside the Chamber, a table, a small Piano, some objects and two flashlights. Suddenly the light changes and two puppetry players lead us on suprising paths into the magical universe of shadows.

Laws of Physics dont apply, expectations are
crossed. Shadows entering through the backdoor and stealing our Stuff Everyday object shadows are running wild for their own little dance of freedom. They are getting bigger, and smaller, they split and they merge. Even the Puppeteers Shadows multiply and are creating a dialogue. Shadows become whatever they imagined to be. shadows become bodies, bodies become shadows and than fo a second being alone feels a lot less lonely.

An ode to the power of Imagination!

„Schattenwerfer“ isn't your everyday Shadow Piece. Its about the relationship and the dialogue between a Shadow and his Body, an questions playfully the hierarchy of this relation. It sharpens our view for these black strange things that follow us everywhere and sticks to our feet like gum, that we cant run aways from even if we are super fast.

Duration: 35 Minutes
Age: 4
Without text / No language skills needed

Performance and workshop: Sarah Chaudon / Clara Palau y Herrero
Dramaturgy: Tobias Tönjes
Idea: Sarah Chaudon / Clara Palau y Herrero / Tobias Tönjes

A production of TANGRAM Kollektiv
In co-production with Puppet theatre „Alte Fuhrhalterei“ Osnabrück

Supported by the Landesverband Freie Tanz- und Theaterschaffende Baden-Württemberg e.V. with funds from the Ministry of Science, Research and the Arts Baden-Württemberg

"Schattenwerfer" was awarded the Fox Award for Innovation in Puppetry 202 of the HIP Festival Hvammstangi/Iceland and was on the longlist of Augenblick mal! 2021- The Festival of Theater for Young Audiences.

[...] All of this is taking place on a dark stage and is that fascinating, that
no child is scaredly screaming for its mother. The Production of Tangram-
Kollektiv, with Tobias Tönjes as Dramaturg, is an explosion of Ideas,
humor and suprises [...]. That these fascinating playful images have a
second layer is commented by a 10 year old boy after heavy premiere
ovations: „As a shadow you cant decide your life for yourself.“

Stuttgarter Zeitung, Brigitte Jähningen. 10.11.2019